The LRA SIF Claims Management Department seeks to expedite medical treatment of your injured employee and payment of indemnity benefits when the injuries prevent a return to work. Our industry expertise provides you with efficient handling of the claims process.

Claims Reporting (877) 257-2743

It is very important that all accidents be reported immediately, regardless of the extent of injury claimed and even if medical treatment is refused by the employee. Claims can be reported to the LRA SIF from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by utilizing the online reporting application. It is critical that you report a claim as promptly as possible, ideally within 48 hours of the accident. This will allow us to quickly begin the three-point contact with the employer, the injured employee and the medical provider and assure we are addressing everyone's needs. If you need your user name and password, e-mail

A claims intake specialist will record the accident and gather the necessary information to work with a member on the claim and to assist the injured employee in getting prompt and appropriate care.

Services provided:

Medical ServicesMedical treatment is coordinated by our onsite Director of Utilization Management to provide necessary treatment in a cost-efficient manner. Onsite medical bill review allows for timely payment of medical bills after application of the state fee schedule and negotiations with providers on larger bills.

Indemnity- The LRA SIF Claims Department actively pursues the prompt return to work of injured workers with the employer of injury when possible. Employers' completion of the Second Injury Board Knowledge Questionnaire helps validate these claims.

Second Injury Fund

The LRA SIF actively seeks Second Injury Fund reimbursement on all claims that qualify for acceptance by the Second Injury Fund.

Post Accident Drug Testing

All employees should be referred for a post accident drug screen regardless of the extent of the injury claimed, even if medical treatment is declined.


If you are served with a petition, lawsuit or other demands in writing, please immediately contact the Claims Department who will make arrangements for copies to be sent to us. The LRA SIF will retain legal representation on your behalf and the Fund,as required by law, when necessary.

Managing your claims cost
As a participant in the LRA SIF, you fill a vital role in managing costs by reporting all claims promptly and providing as much information as possible regarding an injured employee. We invite you to call us regarding any questions that you may have regarding any open or potential claim.

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Safety Dividend Criteria

In order to be eligible for the safety dividend and receive up to an additional 5% of your premium returned as a dividend, you must meet all of the following five criteria*:

Loss Ratio must not exceed 50%.The loss ratio will be calculated after all final premium audits are completed.

Written company safety program.A copy of your written company safety program must be forwarded to the Loss Prevention Department by the end of the fund year.

Attendance at Annual Safety Seminar. A representative from the member must attend at least one Safety Seminar conducted by the Loss Prevention Department annually.

100% Compliance with the Second Injury Fund Questionnaire. You must have this policy in place and use it.

100% Compliance in Post-Accident Drug Testing. You must require all employees who sustain an injury on the job to submit to a drug test, even if medical treatment is denied.

2014 Safety Seminar Schedule

*As with all dividends and awards, they are subject to declaration by the Board of Trustees of the LRA SIF and approval from the Louisiana Department of Insurance.